April 26, 2020

About this project

A project developed by Vasile Mitru - Secondary School - discover the partners, activities, objectives and outcomes

About this project


  • "Vasile Mitru" Secondary School Tașca- Romania (coordinator)
  • Osnovno uciliste „Krste Misirkov” Skopje- Macedonia
  • Szkola Podstawowa Specjalna- Poland
  • Dalyan Naciye Tinaztepe Ortaokulu- Turkey
  • Osnovna skola Darda- Croația
  • Nauksenu novada vidusskola- Latvia


  • C1-Discrimination and violence in schools— common and different aspects;
  • C2-Say NO to stereotypes;
  • C3-Let's be against discrimination and violence;
  • C4- Say YES to empathy;
  • C5-Be tolerant through games;
  • C6 - STOP bullying!


  1. To reduce violence and discrimination among 1981 pupils aged 11-15 in Romania, Macedonia, Poland, Turkey, Croatia and Latvia over a 24 month period.
  2. To improve the abilities to deal with violent or discriminated students by developing specific skills of 55 teachers who take part in mobilities and to exchange best practices.
  3. To develop a strategy to fight violence in schools by games;train 100 students to become conflict mediators in school.
  4. To raise empathy, mutual respect, social and communication skills, communication, emotional and social intelligence and tolerance among 1981 students aged 11-15 from the participant countries.
  5. To increase acceptance and diminish avoidance of disadvantaged students among 1981 pupils aged 11-15 in Romania, Macedonia, Poland, Turkey, Croatia and Latvia.
  6. To improve connections in relationships with others. To develop interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, stimulate positive emotions and well-being, and prevent bullying among pupils aged 11-15 from Romania, Macedonia, Poland, Turkey, Croatia and Latvia.


  • A detailed report on fighting violence and discrimination in schools;
  • A project magazine with the most important aspect of the project activities;
  • The project site, which will contain information from the project activities;
  • CDs with games, photos, movies and pictures highlighting the  activities during meetings;
  • A Good Practice Guide;
  • The friendship perfume;
  • T-shirts with positive messages;
  • An e-learning platform;
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