May 21, 2021


C2 virtual mobility ‘Say NO to stereotypes’ hosted by Szkoła Podstawowa Specjalna w Warczu, Poland



  • Day 1

At the official opening we were welcomed by the youngest students from Szkoła Podstawowa Specjalna.  After that, each partner school presented the activities they had carried out since our first meeting in November 2019. Then, there was a workshop where students created a board game, ‘’Snakes and ladders’’ with questions related to stereotypes and presented it to the others.

  • Day 2

Students presented a famous athlete from their country, followed by a quiz on Kahoot platform, which was great fun for them all. Then, there were role plays, poems, or short videos related to the topic ‘’Say NO to stereotypes’’ that students had prepared in advance. At the end, we were invited to a virtual tour through the World War II Museum and students had to answer a quiz, according to the information they had learned from the presentation.

  • Day 3

During the first workshop, each team created an A4- size poster related to the topic of fighting stereotypes, which would become a part of the final poster of the mobility. Another virtual tour brought us to Northern Kashubia. This activity ended with a Wordwall game which students could solve easily

  • Day 4

During the first workshop, students were shown models and created puppets representing the characters of the story ‘’Little Red Riding Hood’’. After that, they performed the story reinterpreted so as to break the stereotype about the big bad wolf.

  • Day 5

During the official ending, the Polish team congratulated the partner students and teachers and announced that the attendance certificates for each country would be sent by the post service. Then, each team gave a Power Point presentation of a traditional dish from their country and enjoyed the product that they had prepared in advance.

After the break, it was time for a little exercise and everyone enjoyed doing stretching, demonstrated by the Polish team. Our hosts took us on a virtual tour through the city of Gdansk and we admired its beauties. Our virtual meeting ended with a goodbye song, after which students waved goodbye to each other.

Links to virtual tours:

1. II World War museum

2. Kashubian district link 1 or link 2

3. Old Town - Gdansk

4. Joanna Pielecka - link către cuvântul de deschidere a domnului primar, directorii școlii poloneze

Llinkul catre partenerul nostru, școala din Polonia.

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